Gingko Brick Click Clock - Beech

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Brick Click Clock - Beech

We’re all slaves to time, but now it’s on your terms with these stylish Brick Click Clocks. Just click your fingers or gently tap your bedside table and the time will appear and looks like the time is magically floating on these lovely bricks. No longer does your room have to be illuminated by a constant blinking digital glow, nor do you have to fumble to find your smartphone in the darkness. The Brick Click Clock can display the time, date and temperature alternatively or you can also set it on permanent time display like the cube. Best of all, due to its portable feature with a integrated rechargeable lithium battery, it can be placed wherever you like with no need to worry about too many wires around your room any more.


- portable display, powered by integrated rechargeable lithium battery (plug charging adapter included)- - battery life : 5-7 days on permanent display and 2-3 months in sound activated display - - charging time: 3-4 hours (can have the clock plugged in all the time - - in-built internal memory battery to keep all your custom settings - - regular setting setting with snooze function - - product material: MDF wood with different wood effect or other material effect finish -- display time, date and temperature alternately - - sound or touch activated LED display - - 12/24 hours clock - - temperature display can be in Celsius or Fahrenheit - - European or American date format display setting - - auto dimmer - - can set on permanent time display - - product size: L 15 x W 4.5 x H 10 cm - - product weight: 550 g -

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