Archipelago Dunlin Flock (Metal)

Dunlin Flock - 6 metal, painted birds plus metal rods for fixing in flower bed, border etc

(Calidris alpina)
Sometimes called the sea snipe, the dunlin is one of the more common shore birds, seen on migration in large flocks skimming the water’s edge with heir plumage flickering dark and light as they bank and turn. A most versatile bird, different species migrate north across Britain in spring from countries between N. Africa and Iceland, but there are also many dunlins of the smaller species resident all year here. It has varied habitats as well as climates,
nesting on high moorlands, though this means its numbers have declined as wet inland habitats are reduced by drainage and forestry. If the nvironment is good, despite being one of the smallest waders the remarkable dunlin can live as long as 19 years. Outside the nesting season it delights in frequenting all varieties of coast from salt marshes to small sandy bays where it can be seen running fast along the beach chasing sandhoppers, one of its favourite foods. 

Weight 2kg